Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Sam, I’m a 34 year old with a complicated medical history, a very supportive family and a cat shaped shadow called Crumpet. I’m writing this blog in the hope that it connects me with others going through a similar situation, and, failing that, that someone out there might take some comfort from reading and relating to my story.

I don’t usually introduce myself by talking about my medical history, I have spent the last ten years refusing to have been defined by it and trying to live as normal a life as possible. The past year has made that sort of impossible with the addition of an oxygen tube on my face and a wheelchair to sit in. If I do manage to get out of my chair and walk a few steps, I arrive at my destination like I’ve just stopped by on my way back from running a marathon.

Puffing and panting at someone doesn’t leave the first impression I like to give, so I often warn people in advance. Those that don’t know me well are also inclined to panic and ask me lots of questions which of course I can’t answer until I catch my breath. Before the oxygen, at an airport the staff almost called paramedics because I couldn’t breathe. Luckily, it looks much worse than it is and all I really need is a chair to sit on and a glass of water (fast tracking through passport control helped too).

There aren’t many perks to having aspergillosis so I’ll take them where I can!

I didn’t realise I’d have quite so much to say, you can tell I don’t get out much. I will save telling you how I got aspergillosis (also found in turkeys and chickens!) next time- there’s something for you to look forward to!

Hasta luego, amigo


3 thoughts on “Hello

  1. This is a fantastic read..I’m not too good at writing engaging pieces which get people’s attention. I just say as it is don’t dress it up.


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